November means turkey and tumbling leaves—and hopefully a few of these good shows on Netflix.

By Lauren Phillips
November 07, 2019

November is a time of feasting, turkeys, and falling leaves—and it’s also a great month for working through some of the best shows on Netflix right now. Netflix is constantly adding new shows, movies, and Netflix Originals, so keeping up with everything on the streaming service is a tough feat. But if you’re looking to keep up with just some of the many good shows on Netflix, start with this list.

We’ve put together a list of more than 20 top Netflix shows worth your binge-watch. Some will totally suck you into their drama and intrigue; some are great background shows to have on while you cook, clean, or do other things around the house. (Still more will make you laugh; whether you’re laughing at or with the show depends on your sense of humor.)

It is November, so you likely don’t have too much time to put into watching new TV shows between watching all those Christmas movies on Netflix, tackling holiday shopping and cleaning, and enjoying the many Thanksgiving episodes on Netflix. (There are even plenty of Halloween movies on Netflix, if you can’t let go of the spooky spirit.) Still, if you’re searching for a show to dive into, all these shows have at least three seasons, so they’re perfect for a long binge-watch session on a chilly weekend.

If nothing on this list quite grabs your attention, you can always look into reading some of the best new books, or make a few Netflix suggestions for TV series you’d enjoy more. Or just check back next month: Netflix is constantly adjusting and adding to its collection of good shows, so you never know when an old favorite (or a new favorite) will join the streaming platform.

The best shows on Netflix in November

1. Riverdale

If you missed out on this dark take on the Archie comics when it premiered in 2017, you can catch up now: The first three seasons of high school misadventures and dramatic shenanigans are available on Netflix now, while the fourth season is currently on the CW. It’s practically impossible to not get hooked on the first season, so prepare to fly through the whole series.

2. Peaky Blinders

A little gory and a lot dark, this British historical drama set in 1920s England follows a gang boss and his family across five acclaimed seasons. Come for the costumes and production quality (and, let’s be honest, the accents), stay for the fierce characters.

3. Designated Survivor

Kiefer Sutherland of 24 fame is the only U.S. cabinet member to survive a devastating attack on Washington, D.C. As the designated survivor, he becomes president of the country. The three seasons of this suspenseful political drama follows him as he steps into the role of world leader; Maggie Q also stars as the FBI agent working to find out who attacked the capital.

4. Once Upon a Time

All the fairy tales are true in this long-running fantasy series, which has all the characters from your favorite stories transported to a modern New England town (and trapped there) by the Evil Queen. They don’t know who they are, and the show’s seven seasons follow them all as they recover their identities and face classic storybook villains. (It’s PG, too, so the kids can join in the binge-watching.)

5. Portlandia

Highly political and completely hilarious, the eight-season run of this sketch comedy features Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in various roles in the crunchy city of Portland. It’s great for a guaranteed pick-me-up, especially during a dreary November.

6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Who hasn’t done something crazy for love—or even a crush? The four seasons of this musical comedy follow a lovestruck lawyer as she chases after a guy, subtly critiquing and mocking the crazy ex-girlfriend trope along the way. The show offers a powerful exploration of mental illness and supportive relationships, broken up by tongue-in-cheek musical numbers and zany characters.

7. Arrested Development

More than a few familiar faces star in this family comedy, which follows a wealthy clan suddenly thrown into financial turmoil. Watch its five seasons to see the source of plenty of popular idioms and allusions and get plenty of laughs along the way, too.

8. Schitt’s Creek

Heartfelt, humorous, and a little out-there, this comedy follows a riches-to-rags family transplanted to an unfortunately named town filled with unusual characters. Five seasons are currently on Netflix, with one more to come next year, following the Rose family’s gradual adjustment to lives not of the rich and famous.

9. The Office

You’ll wish your office was this out-there (or maybe not) after watching all nine seasons of this beloved comedy. With a huge, now-famous cast and fantastic guest spots, this show will keep you laughing through the final season.

10. Black Mirror

Turn to this atypical Netflix Original Series for some serious psychological horror. It only has 20 episodes, but each is essentially a standalone movie, with most episodes ranging from 45 minutes to more than an hour in length. Binge-watching more than a few episodes in a few might darken your mood considerably, but you’ll be thinking about each one for a long time to come.

11. Breaking Bad

Having inspired a spin-off TV series and a Netflix Original Film (and countless Halloween costumes and party themes), this award-winning series is available in its entirety—all five seasons—for your viewing pleasure. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of this top show on Netflix, a science teacher becomes a drug chemist and dealer; chaos ensues.

12. Scandal

Gasp along with each and every scandal in the seven seasons of this Kerry Washington–led political drama, which combines public relations faux pas, legal snafus, political mistakes, and more.

13. Jane the Virgin

Inspired by a telenovela, this melodramatic comedy follows a young woman as she is accidentally artificially inseminated, gets caught in a love triangle, builds a dream career, and more. This series—and its more than 100 episodes—is totally feel-good and charming, with enough cliff-hangers and drama to keep you hooked.

14. Dexter

This bloody tale of a murderous man who analyzes blood spatter by day for the police and gets up to dastardly deeds at night has eight great seasons to watch on Netflix. If the premise doesn’t put you off, you may quickly understand why it was highly acclaimed during its airtime.

15. The Good Place

Regardless of your understanding of philosophy, you’ll love this highly philosophical show, which offers a completely new take on life after death and enough jokes (and comedic styles) to make anyone smile.

16. Grace and Frankie

Picture a classic buddy comedy, but starring two women of a certain age instead of bro-ish goons. Add two husbands (of said women) in love with each other, and you get Grace and Frankie, which has five seasons of unlikely friendship and shenanigans to enjoy.

17. Friends

If you’re not already familiar with Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey, now’s your chance to get acquainted: Netflix has all 10 seasons of this iconic series about a group of friends living in New York.

18. Grey’s Anatomy

This might be one of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix, thanks to its 15 seasons. You can expect medical drama, romantic intrigue, human vices, and more to keep you hooked for hours of watching.

19. Lucifer

An intriguing blend of crime-solving and imaginative theology keeps every episode of this top show on Netflix interesting. It follows Lucifer Morningstar, the devil, as he takes up residence in Los Angeles, opens a nightclub, becomes a police department consultant, and more.

20. Stranger Things

With its adorable cast and passionate fan base, Stranger Things has always been a top series, but with the release of its third season earlier this year, it’s now truly binge-worthy. It offers nostalgia, mystery, supernatural horror, and pre-teen friendship, all in one neat package.

21. The Walking Dead

Like its titular zombies, this dark series may never die. Nine seasons are currently on Netflix, serving up horror, tears, laughs, and more with each episode following a group of survivors fighting their way through treacherous territory.

22. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

While it starts with a frightening premise—a group of women are trapped in a bunker for years by a doomsday-fearing abductor—this Netflix Original comedy follows one of the women, played by Ellie Kemper, as she ventures out into the world for the first time in years. Shenanigans ensue, of course, as she finds her way to New York City, becomes a nanny, and more.

23. How to Get Away With Murder

More cautionary tale than how-to guide, this addictive series follows a powerful lawyer and law professor and a select group of her students as they become entangled with various murders and crimes. Sometimes they’re committing the crimes and sometimes they’re defending the criminals in court—all five seasons of this series currently on Netflix keep viewers guessing.

24. Parks and Recreation

An ambitious and naive woman in a small town’s parks and recreation department is out to change the world, one playground at a time. You’ll start the show for Amy Poehler’s portrayal of Leslie Knope, then quickly have your own favorite characters to root for (the ensemble comedy has plenty of options).

25. The Vampire Diaries

Picture your typical high school drama series, then add vampires, werewolves, witches, and more, and you have The Vampire Diaries, which offers teen romance and supernatural horror in equal measure.

26. New Girl

Fair warning: This good show on Netflix will give you unrealistic expectations of your own roommates, present and future. The titular girl moves in with three men, all of whom have their own quirks and odd habits. Their misadventures stretch on for seven silly seasons, all of which will have you laughing.