Plan a colorful bash for the books with these trendy wedding color palettes.

By Alex Richards
December 28, 2018
segray/Getty Images

wedding colors 2019

Oh, the pressure of choosing the right wedding color scheme! Wedding trends and styles are constantly changing, and although your wedding only lasts, well, one day, photos are forever, so it’s important to get your wedding décor just right.

Once you've tried on your ring, booked your reception site, and assessed your venue's vibe, it's time to decide what wedding color palette you'll choose to best define your big day. If you tend to gravitate toward bright, bold hues that are completely unexpected, try adding a pop of red or purple to your flower arrangements and tablescapes. If subdued shades like blush and cream are your thing, opt for a muted palette that translates across every detail of your wedding day, from your dress to your invitations.

No matter your aesthetic, you're bound to find some serious color inspiration for your upcoming nuptials with our picks for the trendiest wedding colors of 2019.

Living Coral

In case you missed it, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral—a bright, orange-pink hybrid hue that practically screams beach wedding. This celebratory shade is perfect for all seasons, and it's a cheery choice for brightening up bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, invitations and table centerpieces.


Less of a color and more of a sheen, iridescent details are everywhere for wedding ceremonies and receptions alike. This gorgeous bouquet marries a rainbow of blooms with a single iridescent ribbon, proving that luminous details are a fit for just about any shade on the color spectrum.

50 Shades of Purple

Purple is sure to be all over the nuptial scene in 2019. You can’t go wrong with incorporating the color into your wedding palette, since the hue comes in a multitude of versatile shades, ranging from pale violet to rich eggplant.

Dusty Rose

Pink is a natural choice when considering color schemes for your wedding. Avoid a pink color palette that's too precious by choosing a slightly darker dusty rose hue. Pair dusty rose details with a lighter blush pink to balance everything out, or opt for a romantic vibe by bringing in more dramatic navy and gray details.


Can't decide on one specific shade? Allow every color of the rainbow to dictate your wedding design instead. Flowers are a great place to start when considering a prismatic color palette, and mismatched bridesmaid dresses can mimic the bouquets for a lovely splash of symmetry.