It will make your home feel warmer—without touching the thermostat. 

By Katie Holdefehr
November 05, 2018
Hugh Whitaker/Getty Images

I live on the second floor of a New York City apartment, and every year when winter hits, the wind blows in the front door, right up the stairs, and under the door to my apartment. The small gap under the door that's not even visible the rest of the year suddenly becomes a big problem. As a makeshift solution, I've even resorted to piling spare bath towels along the bottom of the door to keep the chilly air out, but this year, it's time to invest in an official door draft stopper.


A Minimalist Door Draft Stopper

The ideal door draft stopper blends into your home, does the job, and is easy to wash. This $10 fleece option checks all the boxes. With a zippered liner, you can remove the upholstery and throw it into the washing machine any time it collects dirt, dust, or leaves under the door. 

To buy: $10,

Bed Bath and Beyond

An Attachable Door Draft Blocker

For a draft stopper with a seamless look (and amazing ratings), choice this silicone option with an adhesive backing that attaches directly to the bottom of your door. While it may not have the same insulation power as the fabric alternatives, reviewers say it's excellent at keeping out bugs, water, and leaves. 

To buy: $10,


A Cedar-Scented Breeze Blocker

Filled with cedar chips, this door draft stopper will waft the soothing scent of cedar through your home. When it's not in use, the loop on the end makes it easy to hang on the doorknob or a coat hook. 

To buy: $12, 


Container Store

A Customized Draft Guard

This draft stopper measures three feet long, but if your front door doesn't follow standard dimensions, you can also request a custom order. Plus, Etsy sellers offer an array of fabric options, so you can find one that matches your home's decor. 

To buy: From $15,