Hanukkah Gifts

As all Real Simple readers know, any polite houseguest would never show up empty-handed—especially to a holiday party. On the first night, bring your hosts a new menorah or seasonal décor they’ll treasure for years to come. Or, contribute to the meal by bringing a gourmet treat (we suggest the world’s best babka or the more comical Mensch mints). And since any Hanukkah celebration wouldn’t be complete without a game of dreidel, impress your host as well as the other party guests with gourmet gelt. That’s right—gelt, that thin, waxy chocolate coin, can actually taste good. Need enough Hanukkah gifts to last eight nights? Well, we can help with that too. You’ll find something truly one-of-a-kind for everyone on your list—whether you’re looking for a gift for the kids, those hard-to-shop-for teenagers, your significant other, or even your in-laws. Some are luxurious, some are funny—but every last one is sure to be a winner.

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