Easter Recipes

Need a bit of Easter inspiration? Look no further. We've got dozens of festive Easter recipes waiting for you, all of which are simple to execute, sure to impress, and full of bright springtime flavors. Hosting an Easter breakfast? Take a look at our lineup of irresistible egg dishes, like make-ahead casseroles, creamy stratas, and tender frittatas. Or peruse our collection of sweet morning treats, like homemade granolas, fluffy pancakes, fresh fruit salads, and crispy waffles. Family coming for lunch? You can't go wrong with a classic baked ham, comforting scalloped potatoes, and bright vegetable sides like sweet carrot mash, crispy green bean casserole, and shredded Brussels sprouts salads. For dessert, we've got recipes for no-fail carrot cakes, coconut cakes, Easter cupcakes, pies, cookies, and so much more. And don't forget about those Easter baskets! Our archives are full of simple and surprising ideas for homemade candies, Easter crafts, and other playful treats.
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