Set yourself up for a successful new year with these healthy self-care habits.

By Rachel Sylvester
January 02, 2019

Now that the new year is looming and the post-Christmas regret of too many sugar cookies has set in, the idea of hitting reset on some regrettable December decisions sounds especially appealing. After all, how else are you supposed to negate a month-long binge on eggnog, champagne and peppermint bark if not for a magical button that immediately eradicates all calories, shame and guilt? Unsurprisingly, no such button exists. (Trust us—we already checked Amazon.)


The Resolution: Be More Mindful

gratitude journal

The tactic: Keep a gratitude journal.

Give thanks beyond the month of November by regularly writing in a gratitude journal. Daily expression of even the smallest appreciations has been scientifically proven to improve psychological health, and it's an effective habit that only takes five minutes each morning. In fact, our go-to gratitude journal by Brenda Nathan ($7; demands only a single minute of your time.

The Resolution: Stress Less

woman meditating

The tactic: Meditate more.

The notion of finding your Zen is nothing new, however the surge in popular meditation apps proves this practice is on the rise. Mindful meditation boasts an array of science-backed benefits, including stress reduction, anxiety control, and improved sleep patterns. Get a few minutes of peace and quiet in the privacy of your own bedroom with the help of top-rated meditation apps like Headspace or Calm.

The Resolution: Drink More Water

water glass

The tactic: Track your H2O consumption.

Staying hydrated is often trickier than it sounds. Fortunately, hydration helpers like the Drink More Water Bottle ($20; help you keep your wellness top of mind, no matter what. The stainless steel and glass bottle is marked with motivational messages to remind you to keep drinking throughout the day until you've successfully sipped your desired amount of water.

The Resolution: Read More Books

books arranged in a circle

The tactic: Invest in an Audible membership.

Life hack: You'll read more bestsellers once you embrace the audiobook. Listening counts as consumption too, and the act of listening to the latest must-read is as easy as swapping out your preferred weekly podcast for an audiobook. Audible makes listening to books a breeze, or you can gain access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks from your phone with the Libby app.

The Resolution: Eat Healthier on the Regular

meal prep

The tactic: Meal prep for two hours each week.

While the idea of prepping a week's worth of breakfast or lunches seems incredibly daunting, planning your meals will save you calories, time and cash. Sacrifice two hours one night a week to wash, chop, and prep, and your wallet and waistline will thank you. For practical kitchen advice, check out our 7 meal prep tips you can actually follow.