Dermstore's easy-to-earn rewards can make even the priciest beauty products affordable.

By Ariel Klein
January 10, 2019
SanneBerg/Getty Images

There was once a time where my skincare regimen consisted solely of makeup wipes and pharmacy-brand moisturizer (that I’d only use occasionally, might I add.) By the time I turned 27, my body was undeniably changing, and my low-maintenance “routine” just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I began to develop faint crows feet, irritating eczema, and, the real clincher—age spots. It quickly became a nightly tradition to stand in front of my bathroom mirror examining my face for new lines and marks. Enter: my obsession for skincare products.


Buy and Earn 5% Back

One of the very best things about Dermstore is you can earn 5% back on every purchase on the site, no brand exclusions. That means, for every dollar you spend, you get five points. Once you hit 1,000 points, you can convert your points into $10 worth of Dermstore Dollars, or you can continue letting them accumulate, earning more Dermstore Dollars. If your medicine cabinet looks anything like mine, you’ll be racking up those points in no time.

Share a Purchase on Facebook

Just re-upped on your face wash or nighttime serum? Share your purchase on Facebook and you can receive 150 points immediately. You can do this for each order you place.

Write a Product Review

Whether you bought a single item or a few of your must-haves, you can earn 100 points by writing a review for each product. You’re allowed to write up to five product reviews every 30 days, which means you could earn 500 additional points each month, depending on how many things you’ve purchased. Pretty easy stuff, eh?

Share a Review on Facebook

Social media is a great place to learn about new products and, chances are, if someone you know is posting about it, it’s probably worthy of buying yourself. For 50 points, you can share a product review to Facebook and not only help your friends but your wallet, too. You can write and share up to five reviews every 30 days.

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Share a Blog Post on Facebook

In addition to selling products, Dermstore has a blog featuring various topics about health and beauty. There, you can get tips, stay up-to-date on trends, and learn about new products while also earning points. You can share up to 10 Dermstore blog posts on your social media each month and receive 50 points per article.

When you sign up for Dermstore Rewards, you can also receive benefits such as combining rewards with other offers, earning double the points during specials, and receiving early VIP access. Well, have I convinced you yet?

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