released a list of what people in every state bought online the most this year—and you’ll never guess which state went all-in on Easy Bake Oven refills.

By Lauren Phillips
December 20, 2018
Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart is a national go-to for odds and ends, household essentials, toys, gifts, and more, online and in stores, and as 2018 comes to an end, is revealing the top-selling items of 2018. Using sales data from transactions (excluding online grocery) in 2018, the superstore has put together a list of some of the top-selling item in every state and Washington, D.C. Unsurprisingly, there are some major regional differences.’s list provides items by state (scroll on to see the full list), but there are some items that were popular in multiple states. Online Walmart shoppers in eight states—Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia—bought huge amounts of Crayola crayons, while residents in other states focused on more practical (but much less fun) paper towels. (Paper towels were a top-seller in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.) Residents of Washington were also practically minded: A top-seller for their state was toilet paper.

Other items that were top-sellers in several states include the Instant Pot, Folgers Coffee, and an Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler, which must be pretty snazzy—it was a top-selling item from in eight states. One of Idaho’s top-selling items, an Easy Bake Oven Refill, is a surprisingly specific but tasty twist; the Gem State was the only one to have this as a top item.’s top-selling items in 2018:

Alabama – Crayola Crayons

Alaska – Coconut Milk (for cooking)

Arizona – Ozark Trail 12-Ounce Can Cooler

Arkansas – Instant Pot

California – Nintendo Switch Console

Colorado – Inflatable Airbed Mattress

Connecticut – Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray

Delaware – Google Chromecast

Florida – Google Chromecast

Georgia – Crayola Crayons

Hawaii – Instant Pot

Idaho – Easy-Bake Oven Refill

Illinois – Crayola Crayons

Indiana – Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Iowa – Instant Pot

Kansas – Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

Kentucky – Disposable Washcloths

Louisiana – Crayola Crayons

Maine – Condensed Milk

Maryland – Paper Towels

Massachusetts – Paper Towels

Michigan – Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

Minnesota - Folgers Coffee

Mississippi – Crayola Crayons

Missouri – Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

Montana – Folgers Coffee

Nebraska – Nestea Unsweetened Iced Tea

Nevada – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Puffs

New Hampshire – Dell 15.6" HD Touch Screen Laptop

New Jersey – Paper Towels

New Mexico – Mason Jars

New York – Paper Towels

North Carolina – Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

North Dakota – Great Value Lemonade

Ohio - Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

Oklahoma – Crayola Crayons

Oregon – Pure Cane Sugar

Pennsylvania – Paper Towels

Rhode Island – Paper Towels

South Carolina – Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

South Dakota – Folgers Coffee

Tennessee – Crayola Crayons

Texas – Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

Utah – Instant Pot

Vermont – Del Monte Creamed Corn

Virginia – Crayola Crayons

Washington – Toilet Paper

Washington D.C. – Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa

West Virginia – Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

Wisconsin – PUR Water Replacement Filters

Wyoming – Freez Pak Reusable Ice