It might be the most expensive piece of jewelry you'll ever own—and one of the most meaningful. Before you start browsing sites and stores, read this checklist of things to keep in mind when choosing an engagement ring. 

By Colleen Sullivan
June 01, 2018

There was a time when men would “pop the question” with a ring they’d picked out on their own—or one passed down from a mom or grandma. And while some sentimental traditionalists still go that route (awww, sweet), more and more women are playing an active role in choosing an engagement ring for themselves. After all, if you're going to wear this pricey piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, it makes sense that you LOVE it, right? Before you consider where to buy an engagement ring, whether you want a vintage engagement ring or a modern cut and style, read our expert tips on how to buy an engagement ring. Now go have fun shopping—and congratulations!

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