Say "I do" to a sustainable celebration with these eco-friendly wedding planning tips.

By Rachel Sylvester
December 14, 2018

wedding ring box

Wedding trends come and go, but it seems one particular planning practice is gaining traction among newly engaged couples—the eco-friendly wedding. "More millennial couples are committed to sustainability, and this environmental consciousness is not exclusive of how they go about planning their wedding," says Jeffra Trumpower, Creative Director at WeddingWire. "As we learn more and more about the impacts our choices have on the environment, we see people making more responsible choices."

Sustainable weddings range in scope from a few recycled reception centerpieces to carefully executed zero-waste affairs, but now, more than ever, to-be-weds are considering the ecological impact of their nuptials long before they walk down the aisle. For couples looking for eco-friendly wedding options, a lot starts with the vendors they select, according to Trumpower. "Having open and honest conversations with vendors about their wishes to be eco-friendly or zero-waste is vital before deciding on a wedding pro," she says.

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If the thought of going green conjures up images of papier-mâché bouquets or compostable party shoes, fret not. The reality of an eco-friendly wedding is much more chic than it sounds, especially when you keep these five essential details in mind:

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