When it comes to the most comfortable sheets, thread count isn’t as important as you may think. These bed sheets prove it.

By Lauren Phillips
January 11, 2019
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You want the most comfortable bed sheets, but here’s the thing: It's not about finding a set with the highest thread count. That’s right—thread count isn't that important when it comes to how comfortable (and soft) your sheets are.

“Look for the terms ‘long-staple cotton’ or ‘extra-long-staple cotton’ in the description instead,” Crane & Canopy CEO and founder Karin Sun has told Real Simple. “These long fibers are turned into the finer threads that indicate quality.”

You should consider other factors when buying sheets, too, including the finish and any dyes used. If you haven’t found the most comfortable sheets yet, try an alternative bed sheet set that forgoes traditional cotton in favor of other bedding fibers. Who knows, one may be the key to a better night’s sleep for you.

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Another method for finding the most comfortable sheets is shopping by bedding website. The best places to buy high quality bedding online can limit bedding options in a good way, so there’s less to sift through. Plus, after a little trial and error, determined shoppers can figure out what sleep companies they know and trust, and which factors matter most when picking the best bed sheets.

Some people are looking for comfort, while others want warmth or cooling abilities; some even shop primarily for appearance and pick sheets based only on what will look best in the bedroom. Knowing what bedding characteristics you want to prioritize can help guide the sheet shopping process, so you aren’t wasting time looking at sheets that won’t work for you—no one with a penchant for linen sheets wants to spend time sifting through page after page of cotton bedding.

If comfort is key to getting a good night’s sleep, though, these sheets have you covered. Best of all, they prove that thread count isn’t everything—and these most comfortable sheets may introduce you to a whole new world of bedding.

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