Turn your attempts at container gardening into flourishing successes with tips, tricks, and secrets from an expert.

By Lauren Phillips
November 01, 2018
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Container gardening is a great alternative to traditional outdoor gardening for so many reasons, not least because it requires less time and money. Still, filling a planter or other container with flourishing plants straight from the garden center is easy; successfully maintaining those plants for a while is a whole other story. And actually crafting a container garden that’s completely photo-worthy, with #nofilter? Forget about it.

Luckily, some people have the art of container gardening down pat, and they’re willing to share their secrets—and tell us what might be making your container garden less than photogenic.

Kerry Ann McLean, an associate greengoods buyer at garden shop Terrain, is a self-described jungle gardener with an inclusive perspective on container gardening. “Put a single plant in a flower pot,” she says. “That is container gardening.”

But there are ways to take that container gardening to the next level, and McLean knows them all—or at least most of them. Here, she shares six things you may be doing wrong, plus tips for turning that hanging basket of wilted greens into a flourishing mini-garden.

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