Reviewers say these sheets are unbelievably soft. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated November 29, 2018
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The debate over bedding, particularly what qualities make for the best bed sheets, is never-ending. For those who love a thick, cool-to-the-touch set, these eucalyptus sheets are bound to become favorites. For those who love thin and breathable covers, opt for this light-as-air option. But for those who want a silky, smooth, and flowy set, we’ve found the Amazon bed sheets of your dreams: the Mellanni bed sheet set (

As the reigning bestselling Amazon bed sheets, this set has been bought and reviewed by tens of thousands of shoppers. In fact, they’re so popular they’ve garnered more than 30,000 five-star reviews. The top quality noted by countless satisfied shoppers is how soft these sheets are.

“First off, they are so unbelievably soft it’s as if you’re sleeping on a giant puppy,” writes one reviewer. And while they had us at “giant puppy,” others also vouch for the durability of these sheets. One reviewer who has owned them for six months says, "They are staying together well, no seams have split, no hanging threads." There you have it—they’re soft as a puppy and won’t fall apart after a few washes.

Just when you thought these sheets couldn’t possibly get any better, take a look at the price tag. Priced at just under $30 depending upon the size and color you select, these microfiber sheets are an incredible deal. And did we mention they come in an impressive 39 color options? While you can’t go wrong with classic white sheets, you could also create a zen vibe with baby blue or blue hydrangea, or introduce a burst of color in a surprising spot with coral, emerald green, or persimmon.

These sheets are so good, some reviewers report that they’ve turned them into “microfiber converts.” As one self-proclaimed microfiber convert writes, "Since they are a synthetic fiber, I feared microfiber sheets would be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I was wrong; these sheets are what I’ve been looking for, for many years.”

If you think you’ll only ever love 100-percent cotton sheets but are a fan of superbly silky, smooth sheets, give these a shot. You may be surprised.