If you got an Amazon device for Christmas, then you need these fun and helpful add-ons.

By Jessica Leigh Mattern
Updated January 09, 2019
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While housekeepers and house sitters may cost you a pretty penny, you can still get yourself the extra help for a whole lot less thanks to Alexa and these handy home products.

Simply queue them up with your Alexa device (the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show, and more), and these affordable items will help you adjust the temperature in your home, greet guests at your door, feed your dog, clean your house, and even make your daily cup of joe.

And since each gadget features hundreds—and in some cases, thousands—of positive, four- and five-star reviews, you can feel great about your tried-and-true purchase that’s loved by tons of fellow Amazon shoppers. So we say, go ahead, and give yourself that extra helping hand you need around the house with these Alexa-friendly accessories and products. You deserve it!

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