These gifts that give back to charities and causes bring deeper meaning to your holiday traditions.

By Ariel Klein
Updated November 20, 2018
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With the holidays approaching, you're probably thinking about what gifts to get your loved ones this year. We all know finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list is never easy, especially for that one friend who already has everything. But did you know there are tons of options of gifts that give back from great brands that donate to or support in some way different charities? A lot of popular companies work with charities and non-profits to support both local causes and global initiatives, and your charity gift options are more diverse than you'd expect. From sparkling wine and ground coffee to school supplies and fashion accessories, these gifts with a cause don't limit your options–in fact, they enhance the entire gift-giving experience and are just as easy to scoop up as regular ol' gifts.

Charity Christmas gifts are also a little opportunity for you to play Santa Claus, spreading joy and holiday cheer to those in tougher situations that you–and you don't even need to hitch a bunch of reindeer to a sled or enlist thousands of elves for help distributing the gifts! Plus, gifts that give back send an inspirational message to younger gift givers and recipients that  just one person can actually make a difference in the world.

With these gifts that give back to important causes and charities, you can get holiday presents that your friends and family members actually want that go on to have an even greater purpose and impact. Here are some of our favorites.

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