We rounded up a few of our favorite, easiest-to-prepare edible gifts, perfect for giving and receiving during the holidays or any time of the year.

By Dawn Perry
December 20, 2018

The best homemade gifts should strike a particular balance: they should be special enough that they feel worth gifting, but not so challenging that it makes you wish you had just run by the nearest bake shop. Items should also travel well and be fairly long-lasting—no one wants to open a box of crumbled cookies or melted chocolates. Stick with sturdy items that will survive a little jostling and avoid the icing and chocolate altogether.

Enter these three gems: Seeded Twists, Shortbread Nuggets, and Negronis to Go. They’re easy to make and meet all the criteria for an ideal homemade gift. Watch the video above and read ahead for the recipes and a few tips and tricks.

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