Lash lifts and tints are one of the biggest beauty trends right now–here's how they're different from eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes.

By Stacey Leasca
January 03, 2019
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If getting bigger, fuller, curlier eyelashes is on your 2019 beauty resolution list, then you've probably noticed the buzz surrounding lash lifts.

According to Google's 2018 trend report, people were very interested in eyelashes last year. Four of the five most popular beauty searches on Google were related to making your eyes pop, with "What is a lash lift?" falling second behind "how to apply magnetic lashes." The third, fourth, and fifth most popular beauty searches in 2018 were, respectively: "how to remove individual eyelashes;" "what hair color looks best on me;" and "how to do cat eye."

As the newest “it” trend on the beauty block, lash lifts are making major waves–and for good reason. Not only does the procedure require little effort, it also lasts longer than eyelash extensions with fewer potential side effects. You can also customize your results from the shape of the curl to adding a a tint if you don't plan on wearing mascara every day.

Celebrity makeup artists like Hrush Achemyan–who works with the full-lashed Kardashian-Jenner fam and boasts 2.3 million followers on Instagram–have also been showing off the results of their very own lash lifts over the past few years, helping the trend gain traction in mainstream beauty.

Here’s everything you need to know about lash lifts if you're considering trying one for yourself. 

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