Here's exactly what to buy with all of the Amazon gift cards and cash you got for Christmas. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 25, 2018
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Whether you received a windfall of Amazon gift certificates during the holidays or just want to indulge in some New Year's treats, we've rounded up seven of the best post-Christmas buys on Amazon right now. And every single one of them will make your 2019 a little bit better. Order the genius brownie pan that maximizes the amount of crispy edges (we all know that's the best part of a brownie, right?), or the heated coffee mug that keeps your morning cuppa warm, or the set of resistance bands that makes it easy to work out at home. No matter if you want to kick your New Year's resolutions into high gear or just want to treat yourself, you'll likely find something you can't help but add to your virtual shopping cart. Your 2019 is looking brighter already. 

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